Marco Zita





Marco graduated from the European School of Osteopathy achieving an MOst in Osteopathy. During his time studying there he also achieved his qualification in dry needling and sports massage therapy which he now uses in conjunction with his osteopathy for treatment of various injuries.


Marco is particularly interested in treating sports injuries as he has a background in both badminton and martial arts. He is also part of the pitch side medical team at Chelsea FC, which is lucky as he is a Chelsea and Roma fan. He is also passionate about boxing, MMA and tennis and used to compete in Martial Arts.


Marco is bilingual in Italian and was a medic with the London Ambulance Service. He continues to use his medical skills doing bank shifts for the ambulance service. He has also taught at primary and secondary schools, previous to training as an osteopath, and continues to teach and examine future Osteopaths at the European School of Osteopathy. This has helped him to achieve a broad knowledge base as well as gaining excellent communication skills which is invaluable to him as an osteopath.



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