Adam Vautier


B.Ost (Hons)


Adam graduated with a Bachelor of Osteopathy with honours from the London School of Osteopathy. He is a registered osteopath and works in established health clinics in Essex and Kent. Adam is also a Level 3 qualified Sports Massage Therapist, which gives him invaluable experience in providing hands-on treatment and enhancing his osteopathic care for patients.


Adam has an interest in helping people to become more aware of their own body and its abilities, whilst providing support during their rehabilitation and return to health. Adam brings an empathetic and caring nature with a history of martial arts, meditation and a personal experience of chronic pain. Adam utilises the lessons learnt to provide effective, bespoke treatment for his patients.


In his spare time Adam can be found spending quality time with his family, playing guitar or surfing.



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Stephen Ward-Lohan



B.Ost (Hons)

Stephen is a fully registered osteopath, having studied at the London School of Osteopathy, qualifying with a Bachelor of Osteopathy with Honours. Stephen has also supplemented his skillset by gaining a Level 3 qualification in Sports Massage. In addition Stephen has completed a course in Dry Needling with the British Medical Acupuncture Society.


Stephen’s main areas of interest are improving biomechanical function by bringing the body back into balance, rehabilitation and strengthening through exercise and stretching adapted to the individuals needs and abilities. Stephen has a strong belief in the connection between the mind and body in musculoskeletal injuries and how relieving stress can contribute to improved health and wellbeing. He is always enthusiastic in delivering long term resolution to patients’ conditions, with an emphasis on patient involvement in their rehabilitation.


Over the years Stephen has also built up a long history of sports and fitness training, including in yoga and pilates. He has experience in private healthcare, working in multiple osteopathy clinics as well as helping to educate the next generation of osteopaths as a teaching assistant at the London School of Osteopathy.


Stephen has a broad based background having worked in construction as a Plasterer and also as a Licensed London Taxi Driver for many years. Health and fitness have always been an integral part of his life, which has helped form his interest in health and wellbeing.


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Jasmine Chapman




Jasmine trained at Swansea University and graduated with first class honours in her Masters in Osteopathy degree. Jasmine has a particular interest in joint hypermobility, of which she thoroughly researched as part of her dissertation.


Jasmine has had experience in working in both private and NHS clinics during her training, with particular focus on chronic pain. She strongly believes in educating and reassuring patients so they can fully understand their pain and treatment.


In her spare time Jasmine enjoys playing the piano and guitar, and cycling. Jasmine is also passionate about animals, having done dog training for several years, and is also a fully qualified equine and canine osteopath.


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Billy Chooi



B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc, M.Ost


Billy is the founder and lead osteopath at Greenhithe Therapy Centre. He trained at the British School of Osteopathy (recently renamed University College of Osteopathy) following his keen interest in sports and injury rehabilitation. He has experience working with his local football club, Ebbsfleet United and he plays most racquet sports ranging from social to competitive levels.


Billy is an associated practitioner with UK’s leading arthritis charity, Arthritis Action. He has considerable experience treating patients with osteoarthritis, helping them to regain function and ultimately improving their quality of life. Billy has a specialist interest in treating neck and shoulder disorders. He has over 10 years of clinical experience providing treatment for slipped discs, trapped nerve, cervicogenic headache, shoulder impingement and other injuries around these regions.


Outside work, Billy enjoys spending time with his partner, family and friends. He loves anything to do with sports, gadgets, food and travelling.


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